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Services We Offer:

Emergency Water Extraction

Remove & Extract Water ASAP To Minimize Potential Damage.

Emergency Water Cleanup

Dry, Dehumidify & Monitor Water Damaged Areas To Remove All Moisture.

Water Damage Restoration

Restore Water Damaged Areas To Previous Or Better Condition.




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Water Damage on Oahu? Call Us!

Flooding is common enough in Honolulu and Oahu that we have a whole season named after it. However, that is poor consolation for those who have suffered water damage and need it taken care of quickly and efficiently.

As your Hawaiian water pumpers, we have more than just the pumps; we carry a complete set of equipment and a devoted crew of experienced workers who will put your family back on dry land in no time.

Thanks to extensive training, an obsession for documentation, and a dash of engineering savvy, we can ensure all our Honolulu clients remain satisfied. Call us as soon as the rains have passed so we can get started.

Why Make Us Your Oahu Water Pumping Company?

Because we are the only company serving the entirety of Oahu who provides:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance
  • Service to small and large, commercial and residential properties alike
  • A highly-trained staff with years of experience
  • Well-kept and powerful pumps and machinery
  • A local owner who has been in your shoes

We are a part of SERVPRO of Honolulu. They stand behind our name, and we help upkeep theirs.

Emergency Water Extraction

Scheduling water damage or pump services the day after the big flood is a logistical nightmare; equipment rental prices go through the roof, and all handymen seem to be booked for the entire week.

We have been living and thriving in Honolulu for long enough to have collected a few tricks. We have our own equipment and a dedicated team of people who all have first-hand experience with flooding damage. Our emergency water extraction service is available 24/7; we will get to the scene as quickly as possible and begin fixing the problem right away.

Experience and training have also taught us the nuances of documentation. The chances are that your insurance company will want to assess exactly how large the damage was.

This is why our crews always carry cameras and make sure they document everything: from water or mold levels to every type of equipment used.

Emergency Water Cleanup

Getting rid of mud and sludge may seem secondary to water pumping. However, if not done right, the moisture can damage your foundations, sink the slabs near your driveway, or even generate a sanitation emergency.

Our short-notice or emergency water cleanup services include disinfection, washing, fumigation, damage inspections, and dehumidification processes.

Water Damage Restoration

After the emergency has passed, the threat to your carpets, curtains, or concrete slabs hasn’t. Our trained contractors can take care of all necessary monitoring and repairs, whether big or small. We can also handle certified inspections for Honolulu residences and business properties.

24 Hour Emergency Water Removal Service

Floods may have their own season, but they rarely stick to a set schedule. This is why we offer our water cleanup and pumping services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can dry out your home or office and halt water damage without waiting for an appointment.

Faster to Any Size Water Emergency

Our alliance with SERVPRO has made us part of a network that serves over 1,700 locations across the US. Our goal is to be within driving distance of any emergency repair or disastrous mishap at all times. If you have a home, office, factory, or commercial property anywhere on the island of Oahu, give us a call.

Highly Trained Water Restoration Specialists

Water may be a synonym of life, but it is also a powerful force of nature. We have been studying and dealing with the effects of water damage for nearly a decade. Our supervisors and workers all combine classroom knowledge with hands-on practical skills. You don’t have to take our word for it; we have the certificates to back it up.

Locally Owned and Operated

Both our owner and our staff all live in Honolulu, HI. Most of us were born here, and the rest have learned to love the island and its communities. We have both a vested interest in the community’s

development. This is why you will never see us overcharge or take advantage of an urgent call. We have been flooded as well!

What Does Water Restoration Require?

No two flooding events are the same. However, water damage does tend to follow certain patterns, which we have learned to recognize and preempt. In order to cover all our bases (and provide you with a Dry & Clean certificate), we have developed a stringent method to assess and repair flooding and water damage.

1. Initial Contact

This entire process is set off by you, our customer. The minute you call our Emergency line, we are setting the gears in motion to provide a quality comprehensive service.

This is why we will ask you a series of screening questions during the initial call. These questions will ensure we can come to your location quickly and bring all necessary tools with us.

2. Inspection and Damage Assessment

As soon as we reach your location, our first priority will be to assess the true extent of the damage. We will inspect and document all affected areas and possible risks. This will help us create a plan of action and provide you with a thorough report – for either your insurer or your own peace of mind.

3. Water Removal and Extraction

After identifying and isolating flooded surfaces, we will be removing the water as quickly as possible. We don’t want to give mold or fungi the chance to thrive. However, accidentally damaging any nearby pipes or electrical installations would be very poor form!

Our powerful state-of-the-art pumps can get rid of thousands of gallons of water before the day is done.

4. Drying and Dehumidification

After the water is gone, the moisture remains. Good thing our technicians can all handle a variety of specialized equipment that will target hidden or hard to reach water. Remember, this creates a space for and pests to thrive!

5. Cleaning and Sanitizing

Flood waters are rarely clean waters. From Leptospira parasites to rodent stool, there are many risks hiding in those waters – and many remain after the water has been pumped out.

No emergency flood service is complete without a full cleanup and sanitation station.

6. Restoration

After everything is dry and clean, our crew will go the extra mile to ensure everything is back to normal – as if the flood never happened!

We are local leaders for a reason!

Our attention to detail and customer service policies have earned us a stellar reputation. Our goal is to continue providing the most professional and thorough water damage restoration services in and around Honolulu.

Step 1: 24 Hour Emergency Contact

All our services begin with a phone call. The Hawaiian Water Pumpers Emergency Hotline is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Just like floods have no respect for long weekends, we strive to be always available.

What to expect when you call

Years in the business have taught us how to gather information as quickly and efficiently as possible. The first opportunity we get is during your phone call. We love being prepared and want to make sure we will have everything we need even during our initial visit.

When you call, we will ask:

  • Your address and contact information
  • Your insurance information, if you have any
  • A quick outline of events: when did the flooding start? How many rooms are affected?
  • Screening triage questions: what kind of water is it? Do you still have electricity? Who is in the property?

Step 2: Site Inspection

Inspecting a flooded site takes a lot more than just a pair of rubber boots. A thorough repair job requires careful inspection of every corner, lots of documentation, and an eye for detail.

What to expect during the inspection?

No two cases of flooding are alike. Our full strategy will depend on a myriad of details, such as your location, if electricity is available, and even the island’s ongoing weather conditions. However, even if we are not dealing with a complete natural disaster, two factors always stand out.

First, the origin of the water; is it a nearby stream? Swampland? A broken or blocked pipe on someone else’s property?

The quality of the water itself: we always classify flood waters into three categories. This will be essential to protect your health, our employees’ safety, and to design a good sanitation plan:

  • “Clean water” tends to be clear and easy to wade through – although “flood clean” is still not “safe clean.”
  • Gray waters tend to come with more sludge, dirt, or even with more force. They tend to require special equipment
  • Black water is a major hazard for both the building and public health. It is heavily contaminated and most likely mixed with sewage waters.

After determining the type and origin of the flood, we will check the extent of the damage and ensure that any commercial property meets the necessary safety standards – from clear exits to stable structures. In residences, we will also secure or move furniture to prevent additional damage.

Step 3: Water Removal and Extraction

This is where the big pumps our Hawaiian water pumping company owns come into play. As you can see, it is just a small part of what we do!

This step will remove nearly all the visible water – we will go back to the invisible one later on. In order to do this quickly and safely, we use pumps and truck-mounted vacuum units.

What does water removal entail exactly?

Depending on the extent of the damage, it is likely that you won’t be able to move back home immediately after this stage. In this case, our crew will be ready to help you pack out and move to safer ground.

Even if you must leave, we will take every possible step to restore whatever you left behind and to preserve any large structures or facilities. This stage may range from a simple carpet inspection or removal to a complete renewal of your subfloors.

As part of our documentation and certification efforts, we will bring in the high-tech guns for this stage: moisture detectors, infrared cameras, and hygrometer will help us detect hidden pockets of water beneath slabs or behind floors. These are the kind that are often left to rot your home away!

Step 4: Drying and Dehumidification

Electronic gadgets may help us identify what is still wet, but thorough dehumidification will take a lot of old-school manual work. Most construction materials, such as wood or drywall, can rot or disintegrate if left with excessive moisture inside.

There are three components to ensure a building is properly dried, from the inside out:

  • Good old physical methods
  • Chemical Methods
  • Mathematics: from room measurements to temperature calculations

Why is dehumidification important?

Ensuring this step goes right will help you prevent thousands of dollars in home repairs over the coming months. Some of the hidden, sneaky issues that tend to follow a poorly-managed flood include:

  • Bowed walls
  • Warped floor slabs
  • Swollen wood
  • Rotten furniture
  • Toxic mold invasions

Step 5: Cleaning and Sanitizing

Even “clean” floodwaters can carry a large number of pathogens – from parasites to insect eggs and viruses. The cleaning stage goes above and beyond mopping the mud away. It includes:

  • Dry cleaning carpets and curtains
  • Spraying and wiping all tiled surfaced
  • Foam cleaning
  • Power or pressure washing walls and floors
  • Immersion of small items or tools
  • Odor removal
  • Disinfecting
  • Trash disposal

Step 6: Restoration

Very severe floods often left families with little but the clothes on their backs. Fortunately, these are a minority of cases. Nevertheless, efficient restoration efforts will protect both the environment and your budget: we will try to minimize the number of appliances or objects that you need to throw away.

The goal of restoration is to leave everything looking as close as possible as it did the day before the flood. Depending on the situation, this may require:

  • A fresh coat of paint
  • Repairing hardwood floors
  • Replacing drywall sections
  • Dry-cleaning or replacing carpets
  • Restoring safe electrical and plumbing connections
  • Boarding up sections of the house
  • Moving and packing assistance
  • Arranging temporary warehouse or accommodation space

We do our best to handle every step of this arduous process. Even if the damage is extensive, we will stick around to provide assistance and help you cross items off your very stressful to-do list.



Affordable & Reputable Water Damage Services.



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